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Friulchem is a place to create a system of shared values and meanings: our mission is to devise the best products for the health of animals and the environment in which we live.

We want to help make our lives and those of our animals better, and we want to turn this aspiration into tangible products. Into reality. To do this, we need collaborators who want to develop our projects with the same passion and vision: if you share our commitment, then join us!

Joining Friulchem means embarking on a journey that on which we constantly explore new territories and that enables each and every one of us to expand our knowledge continuously. It means joining a team of people who want to bring their values to life by creating something that has a real impact on the world.

To Care

We want to create the best products to improve the health of animals and humans. We can only do this by taking care of our people, our customers and our partners. Only in this way can we be the team in which talent, intelligence and ideas can germinate.

To Develop

Our research and development activities never stop, which is why we continuously invest in the growth of our people. Continuous training and orientation towards excellence transforms our staff into professionals who can realise the aspirations and values we share. We develop the talents we already have before we even look for them externally: managerial positions are mostly filled by our people undergoing development.

To Belief

We create relationships of trust with our customers, our partners and our people. We build lasting relationships based on mutual respect and trust, but also on valuing everyone's differences and contributions.

Aim for Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our certifications are a testament to our rigorous focus on processes. We are committed to providing our people with broad opportunities for expansion and development. We strive for continuous growth in experience and expertise to manufacture the best products.

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