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K5® Lipogel eliminates spots safely

Often a change in skin color is the manifestation of an extracutaneous disease of ectodermal derivation. This is an unpleasant condition, dermatologically characterized by hypopigmentation (leucoderma) or hyperpigmentation.

There are different forms of hyperpigmentation:

  • hyperpigmentation caused by the accumulation of melanin (hypermelanosis) or originated from darkening causes (blood, exogenous pigment, carotene);
  • congenital hypermelanosis: neurofibromatosis, xeroderma pigmentosum, and Mongolian spots;
  • acquired hypermelanosis: secondary to systemic diseases, drugs, UV, post-traumatic results or treatments;

Melasma is the most common form!

K5® Skincare line can help you!

The K5® Skincare line includes:

  • K5® Lipogel;
  • K5® Cryolaser;

K5® Combo (under development).

K5® Lipogel

Excessive deposits of melanin are diffused or localized mainly on the face, neck and hands, causing aesthetic and psychological discomfort.

K5® Lipogel Dual Objective:

  • improved patient compliance
  • increased skin bioavailability

Various conditions are responsible for an abnormal increase in pigmentation resulting in the appearance of “brown spots” on the skin.


  • sunspots
  • freckles
  • neurofibromatosis
  • xeroderma pigmentosum
  • Mongolian spots


  • systemic diseases
  • chloasma gravidarum
  • oral contraceptives
  • pharmaceuticals
  • physical agents (UV rays)
  • consequences of beauty treatments

The results of clinical tests have shown that K5® Lipogel topical treatment based on 4% Pidobenzone, the patented active ingredient, possesses a depigmenting activity.

K5® Cryolaser

K5 Cryolaser® is an anti-brown spots skin lipogel especially formulated for a laser application combined use. The aim of its use is the lightening of the thin brown spot remaining after laser application.

The formulation is the same as K5 Cryolaser®, except for salicylic acid. Salicylic acid in K5®Cryolaser® has a cheratolitic property adjuvant to the depigmenting activity of Pidobenzone. After laser application, the skin is damaged by it and the use of salicylic acid is not advisable and not necessary.

Cosmeceutical Products

K5® is our formulation that has a whitening action on brown skin spots. Add it to your portfolio!

K5 cryolaser
K5 Lipogel
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