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Investor Relations


Friulchem Spa is the beneficiary of financing from the POR FESR 2014-2020 Call. Activity 2.3.c.1 “Finance for companies for the adoption of prevention and protection measures for safety in the workplace” – DGR 993/2020 with a project entitled INVESTMENT TO SUPPORT BUSINESS CONTINUATION RELATING TO THE COVID-19 HEALTH EMERGENCY, with financial support from the European Union, the Italian Republic and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region.

The project covers the purchase of individual PPE to ensure maximum safety for workers, as well as other unspecified equipment such as hand sanitiser stations and plexiglass screens. In addition, Friulchem Spa has engaged a specialist cleaning company to sanitise its work spaces, as well as a health and safety consultant to put in place all necessary procedures and carry out related employee training. In order to guarantee the highest possible safety standards, the company has rented premises near its headquarters in order to ensure greater social distancing between employees, adapting the building to bring it in line with the new safety measures. With a view to enhancing its digital capability, Friulchem also intends to develop a new website with an e-commerce platform for a new product developed by the company, in order to be available to customers at all times.

Main objectives of the project:

  • Purchase of PPE and other equipment to guarantee employee safety in the workplace
  • Internal reorganisation of the Vivaro site to guarantee safe continuity of production following the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Enhancement of the company’s digital capability

The project was approved with allowable expenses of €56,601.00 of which we were granted a contribution of €28,300.50.

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